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Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Im very emotional and changeable. I may be strange, but that's me. So, live with it, alright?

I love you all~

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Failed .hmphh .
Sunday, 23 October 2011 @ 10:06 am
This feeling I get whenever I see your name. Even if it isnt you, even if it's just someone who shares the same name as you, my heart did some fast tap dance movements. And this very similar feeling I get whenever I hear your name. And when I see you passing by. When I see you smiling, even if the smile wasnt intended for me. When I see you laughing, even if I wasnt there laughing with you.
Even when I see you studying. my eyes always disobeys my brain. they always scan the room and look for you. Even if I tried to move my gaze, I always caught myself looking at your direction.

Yes I still like you. Yes I still cant forget you. Yes, I just cant let go of this feeling which I treasure.
I know, I've failed terribly in forgetting you.