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G again ?
Monday, 31 October 2011 @ 3:54 pm
yes, as title says, G again? lol.

Just now I talked to him :d wait, more like he talked to me! YAY .okay this is stupid. hahhahah .but oh maii, he looks even cuter close up :D hahhah
but it was just a short conversation, not really a conversation, it's more like he asked me to do him a favour. lol. but at the end.. sighs..
if you dont want it then why did you even bother to ask? -o-
okay, aint angry. just..idk. my feelings are mixed up.

okay, move on to..exams.
dang .
english was okay I guess, not as easy as the 1st term exam,obviously.
then, BM, was easy :D piece of cake. no,scratch that. piece of booger! wait, it sounded disgusting. oh well, easy :D (if I get low marks I'm gonna slap myself. freaking serious)

tomorro will be ICT and music. sighs. aint so good in music. :(
then the next day.. HISTORY. oh mai gawddddd . sheer torture!!! save me from this hell known as exams D:
so tired of exams .