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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 @ 9:54 pm
Vote for BigBang again, everyone. now under a different category, if last time they were under the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category, now they're under Worldwide Act category!! WOOT .which means they won the previous voting and therefore representing the Asia Pacific for the first ever Worldwide Act EMA!!
It is really an honour just to be nominated, dont you think so?
So, as a BigBang fan, I wanna thank you all, if you actually did vote for the regional voting.

and now. please vote again .

remember. under the Worldwide Act category!! vote vote vote :)
thanks :DDDD

and you, beliebers out there. and you. yes. esp you, Anson you can actually vote for Justin Bieber!!
He's under the Biggest Fans category. oh, but still. dont forget to vote for BigBang too :)