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So many things to blog about
Monday, 10 October 2011 @ 9:11 pm
Right. As the title says, there are sooo many things I want to blog about :O
woah .

okay, lets start off with..
as requested, I shall blog about you ;)
Okay, so I think everyone knows that you have been so..... so so so emo these days uh?
remember your words? If it's meant to be,it will be. hahah taken from JB's overboard duhh .what a belieber :d
anyways, cheer up, or do you need me to sing a song for you to cheer up? :p you might have problems with your ears in the future though. lololol .
when you dont get to be together with the girl you like, that doesnt mean God is being unfair to you, He is planning and writing the best love story ever just for you, and He will let you experience it after He's finished writing it :) so be patient and pray to God, ask Him to finish it faster for you :p hahah ;)

okay, second thing.
I cut my hand just now. OUCH . :( it bleed, like obviously. and yes, of course it is painful.
well, I dont really mind the pain though. I meant like I'm getting quite used to it now. hahhah :D
but the thing is that, since I am diabetic, this small scratch can stay for like weeks. or even months. noooooo .my skin cacat eh :( so many scars. RAWRR .
This cut thing suddenly reminds me of Hell's Kitchen. any of you watch it ? :D
Few days ago, or was it yesterday, I cant really remember but well it's not important, my bro was watching it, and me, as usual, was stealing glances. hahhah :d then suddenly he called me and show me a part of the show, when one guy cuts his finger. like LITERALLY cut it off. ouch, IKR. it's like the piece of the finger really came off, aaaaaaaaa .I really cant stand bloody scenes :(
And you know what?
the oh-so-famous chef, Gordon Ramsay said something like "you still have 9 more". WOW.
whatever, the scene was really disgusting lar D:

third .
SHI QI YOU DID OH-SO-GREAT :DDD and Annabelle was soooo adorable :D
oh, and I think we're getting closer since last night's twitting session, no? ;)
we have so many things in common! :D
1st ; we both study last minute one XD
2nd ; we're both vain. (this point, I've realised it so long ago :d)
3rd ; we both love Nigahiga and KevJumbaaaaa :DD they're just so awesome :)
4th ; we both like oreo :D (I love it, but I'll just assume you like too :D hhahha)
5th ; we both think that Art is cool ;)
6th ; remember your post,saying that you actually dont drink enough water? well. me too :O that's why sometimes my lips crack =.=
more to find out XD so let's get closer aye? :)

fourth .
I've just realised that after I start using the new blogskin, the links to my previous posts have disappeared .___.
so just now I quickly did the coding and I hope they work. I put it under the tagboard, please check it out, in case you want to reread my previous posts. lololol .well, if any of the links do not work, then please tell me. I'll do my best to fix the codes. :)

I've just realised I havent upload pictures from prefects' dinner :O

okay so here you go~
(some of the pictures below are taken from Brenda's album in facebook :D so credits for her ^^)

Me, Brenda, Randy and Steph :)

SPOT ALAN ROGERS!!!! :D special guest ;)

vain, i know :)

Donovan and Sunny, getting all childish with helium gas :D

toilet is just the perfect place to take picture ;)

a group pic :D retarded pose, i knowww :d


This is super vain.... what? any problem?

NAT :ddd

arent they adorable? :)

nam nam nam nam~ :p


YES. I brought one helium balloon home. YAY. hahah thanks to Etienne, for sponsoring the balloons :D everyone really appreciate it. It made my night B-)

To end this post, I shall say :
OMG. I actually have many readers .____. How do they know about my blog before I even post the link in facebook and twitter? O.O gawsh . stalkers. hahah ;)))