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Today's report :p
Friday, 28 October 2011 @ 8:21 pm
wait, before I get to my points, how come the time in blogger is wrong :O  rawr. whatever lah .

so, first.
exams .
Today's papers were..okay I guess. could finish everything in time and all that, but they werent as good as yesterday's.
Yesterday I was like so full of confidence.awesome. lol. Today, I was like, wth? wth? wth? but at the end I left no blanks :) oh wells. If I dont get high mark on today's papers that means I have to work extra hard on the upcoming ones :o

Target of the year: average of 90 or above.
crazily difficult, I know. but some people can achieve it without breaking a sweat .lol. at least I must try lah.

next, G. hahah
Just now I got the chance to look at him close up! oh mai. oh mai. melting now. lol. I could feel the heat!!! pfft :d anyways It has been quite a long time since I last saw him close up like that. :)) happyyy. hahhah wth. I know right, getting happy over trivial things. so Nia-ish . whatever. hahha

oh, FYI, this whole week I got playground duty.
and guess what?
after spending more or less 2.5 hours (15 minutes each shift, so 30 minutes a day. Monday-Friday = 2.5 hours), the residents of the drain, aka mosquitoes, had left their marks all over my legs and arms =.=
RAWR . I counted (well, I got nothing better to do) and there are 12 of them!! TWELVE. :( It's like 1.2 mosquito bite(s) every 15 minutes. rawr. itchy eh itchy itchy :( wanna scrattcccccchhhhhh .
If next week I got playground duty again I shall complain :(
what, they want me to turn into a red-alien-like human with red bumps all over my body? no way .
wont let it happen!!!!

*scratch scratch .lol