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what a great achievement :)
Thursday, 20 October 2011 @ 6:34 pm

whoops. dont get it wrong, I meant, I've finished reading through my history book :D yeah, I know, only reading through, havent started memorising yet. but still, a great achievement :D faced so many obstacles, which include:

1st; obviously, my laziness.
I always feel lazy. almost at all time. esp before studying, groaaarrr .
but thank God I managed to overcome my laziness.. sometimes :)

2nd; the boredom
History is boring :( scratch that, it's super duper boring. rawr. I always get sleepy while reading history book, sometimes by even looking at it only. duh duh .lucky next year dont have history :) this will be the last history paper!! Hell yeah :D

3rd; internet-involving stuffs
yeah like facebook, twitter and of course. blogger. hahhah .I've always tried not to go online, but all my efforts were in vain. still cant overcome this, oh wells, at least can manage my time :) sometimes.
OH. one more thing, those of you who stalk me, surely you know that I play a facebook game called Mousehunt right? well, they usually have weekend events. and now. starting from today, they have this halloween-related event going on. wooooooaaaaaaaa. It will last until 2nd November, which is also my last day of exam. noooo D: how to study when I wanna play too? :(
I wanna play. wanna go collect all the collectibles. wanna catch all the event mice. wanna get the new traps. wanna get the new trapskins. wanna get all the event items. wanna play 24/7 until 2nd Nov. *sighs

4th; disgusting stuffs
My history book contains a lot of disgusting stuffs, such as disgusting and bloody pictures. I cant stand looking at those disgusting pictures showing the deaths of many people, some are cartoons but still, disgusting stuffs are disgusting.
Then just now I read a paragraph under the Holocaust chapter.(for those who have no idea what holocaust is, it's the killing of Jews in the 20th century when the Nazis, led by Hitler, set up death camps to kill the Jews and other unwanted beings in the most efficient way. merciless. I know, even innocent women and children also got killed) It stated that the Nazis tried to reused the parts of the dead bodies. like their hair, teeth, clothing, and FAT . EUH. I cant imagine how they actually reuse other people's fat. like, in what way? raawr . disgusting eh. did they actually cook it or sth? or give the fat for animals to eat? eww :/
anyways, disgusting stuffs never fail to lower my study mood down. funny hor. I am not even in my study mood right now, how can it be lowered down? lol.

oh well, nevertheless, I actually managed to finish reading through it .hellyeahbaby! now I shall move on to Geo :)

to everyone, GOOD LUCK in studying, or trying to study, or whatever. good luck good luck, some of you might need no luck, but still. good luck. just in case you need to store up in luck for the upcoming exams :)