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Escaping from reality
Thursday, 10 November 2011 @ 9:19 pm
When I am stressed, when my eyes are swollen due to lack of sleep, or non-stop tears, or when i am simply tired I have my own way of relaxing before going to bed. Not only it helps me relax, it also pampers my skin!

want to know?

(ps: all the products mentioned are from the Faceshop. I love their products, they dont give you the heavy/thick feeling on the skin, you know, their products are cooling and have natural smell :D)

Kay, so.. after washing my face, I towel dry it and apply 'clay controlling mask' from the Faceshop

Dispense about 2.5 cm of the formula and layer over face. Let dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse

really felt like camwhoring so..yeah. :d

next, I apply the 'ice flower', massage over skin and allow to air dry. I love this best as it gives off a cold sensation which can easily put me to sleep!

I put on raspberry roots eye patch below both eyes(just right above of your eyebags) and go to sleep XD
I love the ones from Faceshop, the smell given off is just nice :) I tried the ones from Yves Saint Laurent and I seriously hated the smell :/

Follow the steps above and I guarantee a mysterious fresh feeling when you wake up the next day :D Your eyebags shall reduce in size with regular applications of the eye patch.

It is indeed a good way to escape from the cold harsh world, no?