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Stress Reduction Attempt. Failed .
Wednesday, 2 November 2011 @ 8:29 pm
went to Bing!coffee with Devi just now, to..you know, release stress. wanted to forget all about exams, just for the rest of the day. So when we receive our results tomorrow, then that's the time to worry. hahhah. what's the point in worrying and stressing ourselves today? groar .
anyways, you know Halloween was like..2 days ago right? so Bing was decorated with pumpkins.(the one in Hills lah, other places not sure :d) ohmai. check these out .

they actually put some pumpkin decorations. :D

HOW DARLING! right right? sorry for the poor quality :(

okay, back to the post.
after enjoying the coffee and chatting, we walked around in that area, then we went to McD. lol so piggy right, I know. after exams bah~~
Then we met Ella, Ericca and Randy there. the first thing they asked me was.. 'how was your exam?' LOL. we went out to release stress, but ended up thinking about exams and the subjects next year. lol.

conclution: stress reduction attempt was really a failure. hhahah oh wells, we enjoyed our time ;)

hey gonna post a picture about a really awesome being with her almost-awesome student. pfft. see for yourselves .

I know I look weird. ignore it .This was taken during my Geo drama, in the middle of the presentation :D part of the script. hahhah :)

I hope my results arent bad. oh please D: