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Tuesday, 1 November 2011 @ 4:56 pm
First thing, to the awesome pedo-face maker, Etienne!! Happy birthdayyyyy :D have an awesome birthday full of little kids (well, since you love to make pedo face so much :d ) lol .anyways have an eventful one :) dont let exams reduce the fun. :D

Then, exams today were..okay-okay lah.
ICT was fine, although it's much harder compared to the previous ICT exams I've had these past few years, then music was..kind of good, except for one question. even Amy got it wrong .__. okay..since I dont play any musical instruments I'm basically not good in music ._. forget it, gooodbye 2 marks .

Move on to.. history!
this session is for Anson :)
just a brief explanation on the whole thing, it's better if you read the textbook and Mr Wee's slides though.
okay, anyways for those of you who have no interest in history, stop reading, this will only bore you. hahah

let's start with First World War, aka the Great War (1914-1918)
started when a Serb assassinated archduke Franz Ferdinand from Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary then invaded Serbia. France and Russia was ready to help Serbia, and Germany sided with Austria-Hungary. Italy was supposed to side with them, but in 1916 she joined the war against Germany and Austria-Hungary, because she wanted to get the land of Austria-Hungary.Britain also joined the war against Germany.

so it was like this:
Triple Alliance(central power) : Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy(supposedly, but she joined the entente latter)
Triple Entente(allied power) : Britain, France, Russia.

Then in 1917, the Americans join the war on the side of the Allies, after the Germans sank the Lusitania(an american ship)

The war ended in 1918 with the central power losing.

the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 by the German representatives.
the terms of the treaty:
general clauses = Germany was to agree that the war was all its fault
financial clauses = Germany was to pay for the damage caused by the war
military clauses = Germany was allowed only 6 ships, its army was to be reduced to 100,000 men and no tanks, submarines and airforce were allowed. The Rhineland area was to be kept free from German military personnel and weapons.
territorial clauses = Germany lost land to a number of other countries, Germany wasnt allowed to unite with Austria, and the League of Nations took control of Germany's colonies.

the other countries like Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey(members of the central powers) signed different treaty.

In 1917, Russia was renamed Soviet Union. Lenin, their leader changed his party to the communist party. after his death, Stalin took control.

After the WWI, Germany faced many difficulties. many Germans decided that the time had come for the strong government.they turned to Hitler's Nazi Party. The party promised a strong government, it said that it would tear up the Treaty of Versailles, recover Germany's lost land and provide jobs.
In 1932 Hitler was appointed chancellor, taking office in january 1933.
In 1933, Hitler withdrew Germany from the League of Nations and began breaking the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. He began building up the German airforce(the Luftwaffe)
In 1936 Hitler sent troops to Rhineland.
In 1938 He gained the Sudetenland Area, and invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia
In 1939 Stalin(leader of Soviet) and Hitler signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact and agreed to share Poland between them. Hitler soon invaded Poland. two days later, Britain and France declared war.

Second World War.
May 1940, German troops invaded France.
June 1940, French surrendered.
After the fall of France, Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany and its allies (the Axis Powers)
1941, Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, which was about invading Russia. the operation failed, and by the end of 1944, the Russian army was invading Germany.

Japan bombed pearl Harbour on 7 Dec 1941.
Within 6 months of the bombing, the Japanese had captured European bases stretching from Hong Kong to Java.
However,by the middle of 1942 the Americans had rebuilt their fleet and won several decisive naval battles. By mid-1945 the Japanese had been pushed back to their homeland and the American bombers were pounding Japanese cities, but the Japanese hadn't surrendered, until the two atomic bombs were dropped at the town of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

Holocaust (meaning: wholesale destruction)
Hitler had a personal dislike of the Jews. In 1939 he launched a euthanasia campaign. many doctors were sent to work in death camps which were set up by the Nazis across Europe. Many Jews died in the ghettos, of sickness and starvation, but they werent dying quickly enough for the Nazis.
so, final solution:
-concentration camps (prisoners died from sickness, starvation and overwork)
-labour camps (prisoners were used as slave labour in factories)
-death camps (camps for killing people as quickly and economically as possible)

By the end of 1945 Germany was on the point of defeat. Hitler committed suicide, and the Germans surrendered to the Alies.
The representatives from the US, Soviet, Britain and other countries had decided that:
-Germany should be divided into 4 occupation zones, one controlled by Britain, one by USA, one by France and one by USSR. The German capital, Berlin would be divided in a similar way.
-The Allies would take goods and machinery from Germany as reparation fee.
-The countries that had been liberated from German occupation in eastern Europe would have their independence, as well as their own governments.

hey, I have no time to continue this summary, so study by yourself for the Cold War, Cuban Crisis and Vietnam War, will you? sorrieh :O

anyways, how many of you use Google Chrome as your browser? I found a cute Hello Kitty theme! wheeee ,here. take a look .

you want it nowwww? hahhah .

everyone, good luck in your exams. tomorro will be the last day! dont lose your spirit!! fighting~ lol :d