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The Wedding :)
Saturday, 26 November 2011 @ 11:00 am

sorry for not posting yesterday >o< no internet leh D: sucks.
anwyays, here you go. finally an update~~


24 November 2011.
It was the day Handy and Magret held their wedding. It was held in Grand Jatra Hotel, Balikpapan.
congratz to you both~~ you guys look soo cute together XD <3
I was invited cause Handy is my cousin~ :3
oh well, let's just go straight to the pics, kay?

The souvenir! cute righttttt? XD

My niece; Shanny. WHY SO CUTE AR?

Another niece; Leticia :D another cutieeeee ><

 I look so different, uh? O.O;;

Sao Novi and her daughter :D

Anyways, again, sorry for not posting yesterday ><

Can I use this super cute picture of my niece to get you all to forgive me? ;)