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It might be a little too early...
Friday, 3 February 2012 @ 9:13 pm
Yes, it actually IS too early to post about Valentine's Day.

well, that time of the year is coming again.
The pink and fluffy time, when roses will be seen everywhere, and hearts will be the most popular shape, when you can see many people grinning around like a little kid, cuddling flowers.
The time when the sad, lonely, boyfriend/girlfriend-less people have nobody to give flowers/chocolates to. PFFT.
and yes, Im one of those people.
not that I want to have a boyfriend, though.. wait, maybe I do. IDK LAR. with all these homework, assignments and almost-daily quizzes and tests, I dont know if I still want one. pfft. let's just see.

anyways, back to Valentine's Day.
Do you plan to give anything to anyone? :D best of luck yeah! dont back out last minute like a chicken. pffft.

Valentine's Day reminds me of this song. check this out, LOVE THE MV, so cuteeeee :DDD

If only I can sing nicely, I would love to do a cover of this song :)