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Tuesday, 7 February 2012 @ 5:59 pm
Me and bro.
My bro's condition is much worse than mine, though.
I only have a little flu, with sore throat and cough while my bro has those AND fever.
He's been laying down ever since we reached our apartment after school. He's never looked so weak. I really hope he'll be well soon.

I really really reallllyyyy hate it when I'm sick.
I cant snack(although I'm stubborn enough to actually snack even with my current condition), I cant sleep well at night(It's hard to fall asleep when I'm sick :o), I cant concentrate with whatever I am doing, I cant sing!, and most importantly. . . I CANT THINK PROPERLY.

Devi was asking me to help her solve an add maths problem.
I tried to, and told her how to do.
then she said it was wrong, after looking through it, I've just realised it! PFFT .
Seriously duh! When I'm sick, I do work slower and I tend to make more mistakes. NGAWWWWW .
so I redid the whole thing for her, thank God it was correct.

Tomorrow I'll be having an add maths test, and I reallllyyyyyyyyyy hope I can be well by tomorrow, so that I can concentrate while doing the work. I dont wanna make stupid careless mistakes kay! HMPH :(

and thankieee so much :3 your silent prayers will be so so so very appreciated!