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Life-changing thoughts
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 @ 9:00 pm
I've been thinking a lot lately.
well, mostly about the future. about which universities I want to go to, what course I want to take, and whether I'll be joining Lodge A-Level. for the A level, i dont think so though. foundation is way faster.

but is this a little too early to concern myself about these?
I still remember 2 years ago, when I asked my brother what course he wanted to take, he answered me with a simple ''i dont know yet" and just shrugged it off. He was already in yr.11 by that time! and here I am already finding universities and selecting courses.

So, few of the courses I want to take are:
Nutrition course, Food technology, or probably Chemical Engineering (I am pretty strong in maths, so I might as well take courses that need maths, yes? It's not like I dislike it or anything. It's almost like I love doing it. almost.)
OH. maths test just now. I think I did terrible. stupid answers, didnt even bother to check.
didnt even think properly too. HAIYAH NIA.

anyway take a look:


last night I sent an email to the university, asking about whether it also applies to IGCSE English as a Second Language, and I received a reply this morning.

it was a NO.

now what do I do? -__- take IELTS? nah. takes too long to receive the result.
I should've moved to FLE when they offered me 2 years ago :(
I should have!!
now it's a little too late already, I dont even know if I could score a C for FLE paper. pfft

what do I do? :O
I guess I'll send another email asking about the requirement for esl paper. they accept SPM english wah! why not ESL?