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Singapore Trip
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 @ 9:07 pm
It was a normal trip, nothing really special about it.
The reason for my 3-days visit to Singapore was actually to visit my grandfather, who needed to be treated there.
He suffered from urolithiasis.(it is caused by the forming of kidney stone in the urinary system) The operation was successful, but he needed few months in order to fully recover.
Seeing him having trouble to walk pains me. It was also said that his urine contains blood and is extremely painful. I do hope the best for his health.

So, last friday I arrived in Singapore. I went straight to my cousin's apartment (my grandfather stays there for the time being), and spent the whole day reading/downloading new apps for my phone, whatever. nothing much to do.

anyways pics!
I likeeeee owls :)
one of my fav ring XD

and I love fluffy-looking things!!

I super like the collar-like necklace I was wearing :DD

I saw this in my cousie's room and immediately snapped a pic! such cuteness!

what kept me accompanied throughout the day. books books and  more books.
my cousin's collection is simply awesome!

some building plan I saw in cousin's room.
looks so cool *sakai.
my cousin's taking architecture for her undergraduate course. such cool choice.

and I spotted a polaroid camera! :D

The second day was the best part of the trip.
We stayed in a hotel in bencoolen area.
Early in the morning, we had breakfast, then headed to Bugis Junction. ( we walked all the way there, and faced quite a trouble figuring out which way to go to. nevertheless, we reached the place safely :3 )
what we did was so obvious.
I LIKEY SHOPPING *typical teenage girl
for lunch, we headed to subway. I LOVE. I worshipped my subway lunch. turkeyyyy! hahhah!

After lunch, my older brother decided to go back to hotel, he wanted to study for his trial exams. (he ended up taking a nap anyways XD)
So, my mum, little brother and I continued shopping. surprisingly, my little brother enjoys shopping as much as I do, while my older brother thinks that it is a waste of time and money. pfft.

After exploring bugis junction, we took the MRT to Orchard, and continued shopping there. muahhahah. my stamina is really good when it involves going around exploring new shopping centres.

the queue to the changing room in Zara. WHAI SO LONG. :(

my hair so messy! HAAHA


Little bro's dinner

Even in Singapore, I still crave for bubble milk tea! hohoho :d nomnom slurp slurp

In changing room in H&M, if im not mistaken.
I got myself 2 new pairs of bright-coloured shorts and one girly pink clutch!♥

It wasnt as exciting as day 2, as I needed to go to airport at around 3 pm :( [IKR . SO EARLY.]
didnt get to do much things.
went to Marina Bay Sands, and Somerset shopping centre. pfft,
my little brother wanted to go to Universal Studio, but I preferred shopping, so yeah. wheeee .shopping it is.
he ended up visiting the Universal Studio with mum on Monday, after my older brother and I got back to Kuching. WHAI DOES HE HAVE A WEEK LONG OF HOLS WHEN I ONLY GOT A DAY OFF. HMPH. unfairness.

breakfast for day 3 :D I LOVE. such heavy food early in the morning. HAHA

I dressed up a little too childish on the last day. hehe.
HELLO KITTY tee, anyone?

I added few rings and a bangle to reduce the childish vibe though :P

BEE CHENG HIANG in Somerset.
I brought 3 packets back to Kuching. NOMNOM.
irresistible .

took this in the airport. I spotted a LARGE group of little kids consisting of many western ones, probably going on a school trip or something. So I snapped a pic :D they were so cute! AND LOUD -__- I didnt sleep throughout the whole flight thanks to their chitchats.
Anyway look at the lady on the right, looking at my direction. she was probably thinking, "whats wrong with young people nowadays, snapping pictures at every thing they see" LOL.