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Trying to view things differently .
Friday, 13 April 2012 @ 7:17 pm
The reason of me being down lately is because of my parents.
they dont allow me to go for field trip -______________________-
It's just a 2D1N trip ohmai.
teachers are going too .
my friends are.

They all keep discussing about what to bring and all that,
and I cant even join their conversations.
I feel so left out.
so caged.
I basically dislike those overprotective attitudes of my family members.

Today 3 years ago, I attended my first class in Lodge International.
Today should be the day when I hang out with my friends and talk happily, unstoppably. 
but here I am, not being able to go for the trip.
Im very sure it is of so much fun!

I've been sulking these whole week,
until yesterday.
bro asked me whether I wanted to go to starbucks with him.
oh why wouldn't I?
I love coffee. I love starbucks' pies. I love their sandwiches too. I love starbucks.
and I just love to spend time there.

so earlier today, my bro, Randy and I went to starbucks. 

coffee chills me down
coffee comforts me
coffee brightens my day.
starbucks' coffee is incomparable to canned coffee.
so different, the taste of real, strong blended coffee is just there, you know.
It gives you this magical soothing feeling, boosts your thinking ability and poof! your day is basically perfect.
anyway, canned coffee are way more affordable and they taste so niceee, but I'm cutting my canned coffee intake due to its sugar. my sugar level is really really high, it's scary .

back to coffee and its awesomeness .

I love coffee!
I loooooveee!!! totally in love!

..have I mentioned that I love coffee?

My lunch.
I have already started eating when I realised that I havent taken a picture.

tuna toaster ;) oh starbucks. how can you provide such addictive food and beverages?