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Oh life ♥
Saturday, 5 May 2012 @ 9:21 pm
Earlier today, I was awoken by a call in my phone. It was from the uncle whom I asked to pick me at 9.30.
yeah, I woke up at 9.30, and the uncle was already waiting for me downstairs. so I quickly showered, woke bro up and told him that I'd be leaving.
where to?
okay it isnt as boring as it sounds. it was pretty fun in fact :D

There was this physics revision class, and I, whose physics is terrible, feel the need to attend.

After it ends, I, along with other Indonesian Club members stayed back to practice. The club's teacher-in-charge, Ms.Ilbeth wanted us to perform for teacher's day, since the club is very inactive. pfft.

after that, we went to starbucks!
another starbucks session, oh how I loveeeeee coffee. love love love. love love love.


okay pictures !

Sunnies, anyone?

mr WCK. hahhah!

nicholas' gay face =____=

another one.

school was soooooooooo nice when nobody was there :')


Mutia owns :) how girly can she get? ;D

I dont know what she's doing, hugging the pole like that pfft :P


starbucks session!!! ♥

I love how I am still enjoying my life when exam's coming in 2 weeks time.