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Sunday, 28 August 2011 @ 5:50 pm
Decided to write 2 posts today~~ hahahahha
oh well, this time it's not about the holidays.. It's a book :)
yes, an awesome one. no no no, more than that, believe me <3

Recently I've been reading this philosophical novel which is called Sophie's World. It's an old novel but it's great :D It's about the history of philosophy, but it isn't boring~ Trust me, read it :D
It's such a good time-killer. hahahhah :D and you can use it to hit ppl~(since it's kinda thick) .lol forget it.

well, remember my first post, asking you all to think about who you actually are?
If you have read the book I mentioned above, you'll know the answer.
Or if you have listened to my speech for the competition thingy, well, you know the answer too, rite? hahahha .
okayyyy, being interested in who we actually are isn't a casual interest like collecting old coins or whatsoever. When you ask this question, you are actually taking part in a debate which has gone as long as man has lived on this planet. Mankind is faced with a number of difficult questions that we have no satisfactory answers to.
And throughout the entire history of philosophy, philosophers have sought to discover what man is, or what human nature is.

But Jean Paul Sartre, a French existentialist, believed that man has no such eternal nature to fall back on.Therefore, it is actually useless to search for the meaning of life in general.

Although Sartre claimed that there was no innate meaning to life, he believed that life must have a meaning. But it is ourselves who create this meaning into our own lives. To exist is to create your own life.
You are whoever you choose to be :)

Sophie's World isn't only about the meaning of our lives, it also tells us what true happiness is, what true knowledge is, and many many many more~
Read it :D It's awesome <3




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