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Holidays :D
Sunday, 28 August 2011 @ 5:34 pm
YAYY .holidays~ finally :DD after school weeks full of projects, finally ~~

So, yeah, as usual i'm going back to my hometown in Indonesia.
When I reached home, I was like reali schocked :O It's like my house seems very different :o
It seems that my parents decided to repaint some parts of the house and he built a swimming pool and jacuzzi :D yeyyy~~ hahahhah .oh well, not completed yet lar, and i kinda miss the big tree which was cut down due to the building of the swimming pool .hahahah the mango tree. noo~~ D:

Anyways, i'm not gonna tell you all the details. Believe me,you dont want me to.
It's gonna be very long.... and boring .nyahahhahah~

Anyways, happy holidays all :D and to those who celebrate, err, selamat hari raya? lol :)

I'm too lazy to upload pictures, so yeah, you can check it out on my facebook. I'll upload them later, like.. after the holidays? hahahha :) enjoy all~