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Friday, 23 September 2011 @ 11:29 am

sooo angry rite now .wth .one bitch beech from my class is soooo annoying ==
and kiasu .

i think you know who. lol

last holiday, the yr 9 got ICT project. like we were supposed to edit songs la, like mix the songs and stuff.
then the girl, call her M. she called me like few days before the due date .she told me that ms.Elainne complained about some students getting edited songs from youtube and pass them up as their projects.

I was shocked :o cause i actually used one song called 'party on the floor' which has been edited by DJearworm. well, i only used it for the starting.

after hearing what M said., I then decided to redo. so i used Alex Goot's covers for lady gaga's born this way, katy perry's ET, and bruno mars' dynamite.

well, it turned out pretty good.

THEN .just now, ms Elainne played M's song. wth. she also used edited songs =.= and she also used DJearworm's party on the floor!!! WTFH