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Prefects' Dinner
Saturday, 24 September 2011 @ 10:51 pm
last night lodge international prefects had their prefects night in hilton :)
I ended up wearing the ama-ish outfit. lol.
oh. BUT. i was wearing heels. well,more like platforms. more stable.lol. and i was the tallest of all year 9 female prefects. :DDDD Amy was complaining the whole night.*evil smile

oh well it was fun :D
cant upload pics right now, so i'll upload them on other day :3
oh FYI Brenda has uploaded the pics on facebook .

The event started with a speech from the headprefect .ANG. lol how rude. hahah Kelvin Ang .
he talked about so many stuffs. but one thing which got my attention was the reason behind the theme. 1950s.
why? why?
well, he said because in the 1950s so many things happened. Korean war. Vietnam war, and other stuffs. lol
then, Mdm Armstrong made her speech. she said that her points were taken by kelvin. lol .she had nothing much to say except for 1950s fashion.

then there were some performances.
first, by yeh shan. he sang some songs :D he was good. at first he sang rocketeer and one other song,which i had forgotten.. then he sang the song he created. it had a nice melody ;)
then the performance by Sunny and Brenda. i lovveeee it <3

then..the second best part of the night..

oh and bytheway, i was sitting on the same table as amanda, kimberly lo, jon sim, victor, jia jun, my bro, sung joon and zacho . Our table name was..Audrey Hepburn. The sad thing is that we couldnt choose where to sit :'(
the A-levels set the seating arrangements. rawr. but oh well. it was necessary for the games.

yes, then it was time for games.

the first game was called 'Spotcheck Me'
each table(there were 4 tables in total) was given 2 rubber ducks to hide anywhere in their outfits but not in their bodies. So Kimberly came up with the idea that we should hide one of the ducks in her hair. it was kind of cooooollll . the other duck was given to Jon Sim to hide.
the first table to be spotchecked was table Dean. (was it dean? dunno eh. :/)
and, Kimberley Wong(one of the 'Monroes') hid the duck in her hair too D:
My table was up next, and because of kimberley hiding the duck in her hair,the spotcheckers, brenda and gabriel checked our hair.and so the duck that we hid got found out. lol . But my table ended up as winners, cause Jia Jun was a skilled spotchecker. :D he found the duck in the shortest period of time. cool .
*what did we win?*


A RUBBER DUCK. lol. with some sweets and chocolate.
the prefects were playing with the ducks they won, but i didnt care much. why? cause my mum brought the ducks =.= so i actually gots of them in indo. lol .

then ,the second game was like a guessing game. They showed us some pictures which are related to 1950s. and we were supposed to guess what it was.
i didnt answer anything.. lol .like seriously, i dont know anyone from the 50s except for Monroe and Elvin Presley okay.. and some of the pictures were about whatever president, the whatever war. duh.
Etienne and Jia Jun were really good in this. they answered lots of question :D i was ashamed .lol

then, the next game. we were supposed to send 3 representatives from each table, and they have to put their accessories on the floor and the table which forms the longest line will be the winner.
my table lost. lol .


I'll just skip to the last game kay. hahhah it was called IN THE DARK .
YAY. the best part of the night <3 <3 i love it duhhhhhhh .

it was like, they showed one picture to each table. and the members of the table only had 10 seconds to memorise the picture. then the lights will be turned off for 30 seconds, and we were supposed to follow whatever action shown on the picture. very fun~
my table was supposed to form sth like a pyramid, with 3 ppl on the bottom row, 2 on the middle and 1 on top. the a-levels werent playing, so that left us with 3 guys(Jon, Jia Jun, Victor) and 3 girls(Amanda,Kim and me). We decided that the 3 guys would be on the bottom row, then since both kim and manda were wearing short dresses, they said that i should be the one on top. we made it. it didnt last long though, couldnt balance.lol.
we lost at the end. hahhas.table Monroe and Presley got to the final round.
then table Monroe needed to lift one person up, and Jason was lifted up. lol he looked so light.
table Presley needed to form sth like a pyramid, but involved 9 ppl.
table Monroe ended up winning. :D it was kind of cool.

Then they got this award for the best looking male and female.

from the first table, Jason and Nat were nominated
second table, Michelle and Etienne
third table, Jon Sim and my bro (it was supposed to be one boy one girl, but the VIPs chose my brother as the best-dressed girl from the table :DD)
fourth table, Serena Chew and Shawn.
the final winner: Jon sim and Serena. they won fruit cocktails.. non alcoholic =.=

then, speeech from Jia Jun. then the installation dinner ended~

most of the prefects went home. but some stayed back to play with the helium balloons .lol .
they made weird voices. like so cute. hahhah. i even brought one home. nyahhah :D

my bro and I were following Simon home, since he was driving. so yeah. it turned out that simon parked his car outside the hills. quite far from hilton if you walk. so me and stephany mutheardy(did i spell her name corretly?) decided to rest in Bing for a while. her feet hurt so badly since she was wearing heels. we ended up talking until like..12 o'clock? then simon dropped us home. SO TIRED, but still need to change clothes, and other things. i only get to sleep at almost 1.
then just now i woke up at 12~ wheee. i know right. im such a pig    ( '(oo)' )    oink~

oh well. it was a fun night :)