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Sunday, 25 September 2011 @ 8:45 pm

my parents are so sexist =.=
ee, i remember last tuesday, i accidentally shouted that, novie replied, "what? your parents are so sexy?"
so. LOL .

well. they memang sexist ah =o=
always look down on female .duh . what .they think the girls cant take care of themselves. they think we are weak. wa liao eh.
just now rite.. my mom called me. then we talked talked talked, until i remember about the field trip to KK.
then i talked to my father. then i asked him whether i could go. he immediately answered. NO LAH DONT.
wth? =.=
he allowed my bro to go overseas, he didnt even allow me to go KK? :O only like what..  3 days 2 nights? RAWR . EXTRA RAWR. WITH SAMBAL. SUPER SPICY. GRRRR .

sexist, sexist. duh. i can take care of myself alright. and its not like im going alone -.- got other students la. even teachers. duh duh duh~ =.= RAWR AGAIN.

whai look down on me? i know its like for my own good. but puh-leaseeee . i dont want to be stuck here in kuching doing nothing at home when the others are enjoying themselves ,going for jungle trekking and stuffs. RARARARAWR .