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Monday, 12 September 2011 @ 10:02 pm
During art period, mr mo distributed the drawing blocks to us and asked us to draw. as usual. the theme was abstract. well, this one contains no mark, so at first i didnt want to do it. but then~ suddenly... G crossed my mind. lol~ oh well, so i just grabbed my pencil and draw.
i ended up drawing lots of Gs. and since the theme was abstract, i tried my best to .. add flowers and some random stuffs, to make it look more like an abstract sketch .
my friend said it was nice. i was like wth~ i didnt even do it properly. i cincai do mah~ well, i think if you do something with love then it will turn out good,huh? lol .jkjk~

anyways: here. picture :)

To 'G' who has no G :)

is it really nice? o.O i meant like.. idk, i dont reali like it. isnt it like..too colourful? :/