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Love is beyond logic :)
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 @ 5:28 pm
Each time my mind went blank,
the memories of the past came rushing to my mind.
I cant force myself to smile, to laugh.
I cant force myself not to tear up.
so yeah, these days I have been emo, like very very emo.
so emo that even my bestfriend gets tired of it.

A friend of mine said that all I needed was eminem's song. =.=
okayy, he's a big fan of eminem and i know that.

Another friend of mine said that all I needed to do was to smile.
but how to smile when you arent happy?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I dont need eminem songs, nor other songs, I dont need my friend to tell me that I should smile,
I dont need to get full marks in whatever projects, assignments or tests to be happy.

I need him to speak, or at least smile.. AT ME .

nowadays, he smiles a lot. but not to me :/
*sighs.. i feel empty D:

oh well,
anyways. just now. err. he. looked. at. me. in. the. eye. and. he. nodded. lightly. TO ME :))) which really got me smiling all day. hahah
i meant like.. he used to be like so cold and all that. hahah now i feel that he's not really ignoring me anymore. yeah, i think only. not so sure. but ehem.. :) so happy :3
maybe some of you will go like "aiyah..only like that bah,why so happy?" lol .i know. no big deal. but. hmm.. we feel how we feel inside,lol .it might sound a little crazy, but love is beyond logic <3 ;)

and, to Anson~ : yeah I've started praying ^^ and I'm trying to remind myself not to forget to pray :D hahahhah you too. stay awesome ;)