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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 @ 9:56 pm
About what Anson had posted, yeah actually i heard the whole thing.
the one who said that Anson was too religious was actually my friend. hmm lets just call him H .
well he didnt only mention about Anson, he mentioned Etienne too.
what he said wasn't really an insult, it was just like.. as if he's saying that being religious isnt a good thing.
well, each one of us is different okay.
like, one might say that he/she trusts God with his/her own life that he/she is willing to sacrifice his/her own life to God.
one might say that he/she trusts God, but still ,he/she values his/her life.
one might not believe in the existence of God at all.

oh well, please lah,
just drop the conversation when it involves religion. duh. sensitive matter bah. avoid unnecessary arguments.

and, live your life wisely :)
you can be whoever you choose to be :)