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OH.MAI.. :o
Thursday, 15 September 2011 @ 8:47 pm

I've just realised that I have to prepare my speech before Tuesday.
I've actually written some stuffs for the speech. but..somehow, I just get the feeling that no one's gonna listen to it. It's SO FRIGGIN BORING :O and I actually liked my previously-used-in-the-previous-round topic about philosophy. But Ms.Connie said we have to talk about different stuff :'( like, we can choose to stick to our topic, but we have to..you know, change few parts so that it wont be the same as our previous speech.

So I decided to stick to philosophy. I ended up writing about history of philosophy. yeah, HISTORY of philosophy. boring,uh? it would be very surprising if the students will listen to my speech. lol.

OH YEAH .i forgot to mention. the worst thing.
i have to present my speech DURING ASSEMBLY :O

i dont want to. i dont want to. i dont waaaaan :'(
God, please help me :o