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science. music. art?
Monday, 26 September 2011 @ 10:05 pm
In citizenship class just now, Ms Song was talking about jobs. about what we want to be in the future. about what subjects we're taking. about what we like..

now that I think about it,
deep inside me, I've always wanted to play the piano smoothly. and violin. I once told my parents about this.
well, my mom allows. she supports me ,but my dad. ugh. for him, academic results will always be placed on top. music is useless. =.= so no life one.

During art period too, amy asked me what my dream is.( how come today everyone keep talking about dream and what we like n stuffs. =o= ) I couldnt really answer.
I mean like, I've been telling everyone that I want to go into a medical school, and be a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. or maybe ophthalmologist. I memang want to go for medical school, but I also have this passion for music and art. realising that I actually like music and art more than pure sciences, my decision is shaken.

I dont know what I want to be.

I dont know what subjects I'm gonna take.

I dont know what is best for me..

I've always enjoyed art, and I've always wanting to learn music deeply. but my parents wont allow.
My dad once said to me, "dont do your art too nice la, wasting your time only. like that enough. focus more in other subjects". =o= i enjoy doing art okay.. he just doesnt understand. he wants me to be a doctor. so does my mom.

so am i given no choice here? can't i say what's on my mind? can't i learn what i like? can't i decide my own future?