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Jealousy .
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 @ 8:59 pm
I was sooo happy <3 finally ,after few weeks of silence. I talked to him~ YAY <3 <3
and what's even more heart-melting, he greeted me first :))
*im in heaven~~


A friend of mine, still remember M? the first guy who knows that I like G.
I chatted with him via fb. then he told me to stop liking G .I was like..why? cos at first he supported me and stuffs. what's with the sudden change?
then he explained what happened.

And it got me feeling jealous.
so jealous. and hurt.

He told me that G was selfish and stuff, and he said that G always treats all girls equally. G is nice to girls, I know that. but to think that I'm just a normal girl to him ,i feel hurt. He once told me that I was his closest female friend. he told me something that he had never told anyone else before. and im nobody?
Then M also came to this point where he said that G told him he actually wanted to sit with a girl, called L.
From what I know, whenever he's paired with a girl, he always complains. but now? he actually requested to be put in the same table as her?

jealous. It would be very normal for me to get jealous, especially this L is a close friend of mine.
and when I think about it, G is exactly the type of guys L likes.

jealous. jealous.

i hate this feeling. it always successfully makes me feel emo for the whole day, it always makes me become.. not me. it makes me think about stuffs that i would never think of. it makes my day unforgettable, not in a good way.

i hate being jealous.

oh God, help me erase this feeling. but I know that it cant be erased easily, I need something to happen to make me forget this jealousy.