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WEIRD . :/
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 @ 9:36 pm
Other than wanting to be able to play musical instruments,
I've always wished to be someone bad.

yes, someone bad. someone who always gets in trouble.
I want to have a real fight with someone.
I've been wanting this since a long time ago, but I always ignore it and try to be someone guai.
I've always tried to be kind, gentle and lovable.
but sometimes I just lose my temper and start shouting at people.
and when that happens, I always have the urge to slap them. to punch them. to kick them. to step on their faces. to pull their hair with all I've got... like I said, to get into a real fight.
but that's just impossible. how I wish I can be more carefree, how I wish I can do anything i want, how I wish I can say whatever I want. but if I do so, the matter will surely be brought to my parents. and I just dont want to upset them. I want to make them proud.

now I think of something weird.

I want to be attacked, and I want to fight the attacker with all I've got. I dont care if I got physically hurt in the process.
I just want to prove to my parents that I can protect myself, and make them proud at the same time.

but wanting to be attacked is just weird, huh?

now, i think of something even weirder.

weird conclusion.. : (fyi this doesnt happen to me okay :p)
have a friend of opposite sex --> fall in love --> keep looking at him --> he talks to other girls --> jealous --> try to get rid of the jealousy --> think of weird stuffs --> become a weirdo --> do weird stuffs --> get avoided --> heartbroken --> might lead to suicide.

so who knows what having a friend of opposite sex can do to you :) it can change your life permanently.