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stress-ing much ?
Sunday, 18 September 2011 @ 11:18 am
long time no blog .and sorry about that .my parents came to Kuching on Friday night. and yeah, since then i didnt have the time to blog. even if i did, my parents will be near me, and i dont want them to read my blog kay.

Now, they've went back to Indonesia and I'm stress. so freaking stress :/
I've got my speech to be improvised and memorised, I've got few other projects to worry about :O
RAWR .ao many things :( I kind of miss all the tests they used to give. I meant like, much better than giving projects rite? projects are sooo time-consuming, and therefore, more stressful .

DUH. and i just remember the prefects' dinner.
noooooooooo .
what am i gonna wear? :(
The theme is Hollywood 1950s. rawr.
I actually got the outfit already. but soooo ama-ish. and I heard Amy and Natalie are gonna wear black knee-length dresses. like..so simple? not even 1950s. But they say it's vintage and whatsoever and they dont wanna dress like ama, so they'll stick to their dresses.


after hearing that, I dont wanna wear my dress anymore.

I'LL BE THE ONLY AMA-ISH LOOKING GIRL IN YR 9. no way. no freaking way.
but it's kind of too late to go get new dress. what to do? well, if the senior prefects are gonna dress like ama, I dont mind dressing like one too. but will they?? duhh .