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TOTAL FAILURE. but at least i've tried...
Sunday, 11 September 2011 @ 10:37 pm

i've been thinking about the song for G ,
but yeah.. total failure..
lol i suddenly remember how he used to call me a failure.
i love the way he does that :)

so,back to the song..
i actually came up with a good verse,
only that it actually tells everyone who G is.
since the song is based on my memories with him,
duhh :/
it's hard to make a song without telling people who it is for.


then, i kept thinking, kept writing down what i feel ..
and yeah, i guess i came up with another verse,
not as good as the previous one,
but here it is:

you make me smile
by only showing me a smile
you make me love
you by showing me yourself

day by day
these feelings grew deeper
but at the end
they have nowhere to go..

you know that i need you,
and want to see you smile
but why do you just stand there and stare?


total failure. i know right.


so many thoughts in my mind..
yet i cant put them into the lyrics.. since they give obvious clues on who G is. duhhh :/

oh, and you might be wondering why i dont want you all to know who G is..
its not because i dont want to.



so yeah he DOES KNOW that i like him,

but he doesnt want people to tease him and all that, since they will only disturb his studies. (he's a good guy, i meant like..very guai :D )so he told me to keep it a secret. :/ but the way he said it..was quite harsh .
i can still recall his last message..

"it's not that i hate you or something. just remember to clear your messages and keep your mouth shut"

see what i meant?
his words stabbed me through the heart D: