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Hi there !

Welcome to Unlike Any Others♥ :)
Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Im very emotional and changeable. I may be strange, but that's me. So, live with it, alright?

I love you all~

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Dear Anson :D
Saturday, 10 September 2011 @ 9:10 pm
A reply to your post :)
hahaha yeah sure, I will. thanks a lotttt :DD

and FYI, nowadays I've started praying and trying to talk to God. (thanks to all those religious posts by all of you. :D)
yeah, although I'm not a Christian, I tried to like, err, talk to my own God?
hahah anyways i felt great after trying .so yeah. i believe the Buddha is there for me :)

about the song,
I have actually considered writing a song about him
but it's like..
It's like telling the whole world who G is.
lol .anyways i'll try to make it not obvious.

again, THANKS . :) I LOVE YOU.
dont get it wrong, :p  i meant i love you as a bestfriend :))

before I end this post, I want to advertise some blogs. awesome ones <3

Anson's :D : his blog is truly awesome that even his sister stalks it <3 hahah :D MUST SEE .
Shi Qi's <3 : i <3 her blogggggg. full of sweet stuffs <3 and i love the way she blogs and tell stories ;)
Etienne's ;) : very religious. very inspiring :) i likeeeeyy .
Ms Chung's :3 : mainly blogs about life :) if you cant appreciate life, visit her blog :DD
and again, Mutia's <3 : she blogs about random things that happened in her life. and somehow she can always squeeze her boyfriend in. *ehem XD