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alone D:
Thursday, 27 October 2011 @ 6:41 pm
My parents came here to Kuching last night, and they're going back tomorrow morning. So, today is like teh only day I can spend my time with them.

So just now after school, they picked me up and we went out for some lunch. Then my mom and I went to salon and did some hair treatment while my bro and dad went home to get some rest.
After the treatment, I was planning to learn Science, but my mom told me to take some rest. We'll be going out for dinner so I figure she'll wake me up when the time is near .

Then just now, 5 something, I woke up and everything's so quiet. I thought that they were all asleep, so I decided to continue sleeping.My parent's and bro's rooms were all closed too. So yeah.

Then just now, I woke up again, and I found it weird for the house to be so quiet. Usually my mom or bro wake up around 4 or 5. So I decided to open my bro's room. He wasnt inside. Then I checked my parent's room and they weren't there.

Strangely I couldnt hold back my tears. I dunno why. I just dont like to be lonely. Im just scared everyone around me will disappear just like that, leaving no notes behind, no messages, nothing. I even texted my brother but he didnt reply . I know this is funny, crying over trivial thing like this. But it's just that, I did tell them that I've started reading science since 2 days ago, and I sort of finished 8 chapters, which leaves me with 4 more chapters and they arent hard. I did that to be able to go out with them.

but now what?
they left me behind. so sad :( and my study mood is just gone like POOF .HMPH :((