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In the midst of examinations .
Thursday, 27 October 2011 @ 1:56 pm
I am in the midst of examinations, but it shouldnt stop me from indulging myself in blog, right? ;) hahah .Anyways, am soooo happy today. I feel so awesome :D The exam subjects today were maths and geography. and I could do all the questions!!! YEIIY . although there is always the possibility of careless mistakes, but still, I'm quite confident with my answers and workings for maths :D Geo too, so far only spotted one mistake. lol .nvm lah. still happy :3 during the first term exam, after comparing answers with Amy, I found out I made at least 4 mistakes T.T lucky this term only one. yay :D OH. tomorro's science. need to work extra hard !! :(