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Prefects matter and some other trivial stuffs :)
Tuesday, 11 October 2011 @ 7:12 pm
I am afraid. that I'm actually hated :(


RAWR. im not angry.
scared, just scared.
Today, just today, a friend of mine, a fellow prefect, got bi*ched off. I meant like, students are starting to dislike her, JUST BECAUSE SHE DOES HER DUTY AS A PREFECT. wth?

Im scared they will eventually hate me.
like really hate me.
There are so many cases where prefects are insulted, just because he/she demerits a number of people, just because he/she is being strict, because he/she is trying to be a good prefect.

It's not easy you know.
like seriously, it aint easy.

We have duties everyday. 5 days a week.
I personally feel that the life of a prefect is lonely.
I personally think that my time with friends is being cut off due to my duties at different posts every week.
I feel like the gap between me and my friends is getting bigger :(
and seriously, I dislike it. I want to spend more time with friends, yet I still want to keep my status as a prefect. I need to watch all my words and behaviour in order to be a good prefect.
I dont want to be too strict nor lenient. IT'S HARD .life as a prefect is hard .
But at times, we enjoy it too. like when we have charity, trips, or any other events. Even decorating the hall for assemblies is fun. fun. fun. fun. I enjoy it. and I still want to keep my status. SO I NEED YOUR HELP,PEOPLEEE .

so please lah, people out there, try to understand us lah.
It's not that we want to demerit you, but you keep repeating the same offence. like duhhhhh .please la please la. tuck in that shirt of yours. tie your long hair. wear white socks, white shoelaces. watch your words, your FINGERS, especially middle ones. they tend to 'stand up' whenever the owner feels insulted or annoyed.
We dont want to confiscate your coloured laces and leave your shoes laceless okay. But we have no choice.
I actually give some people chances. like when it is my first time catching them making offence, I let them go. but second time? hell no. I warned you all already, why should I let you go? like, dont take advantage of my generosity lah. lololol :d
anyways, all. please lah
UNDERSTAND US. we are also students, hello?
TRY TO LOVE US. HAHHAH XD I meant like, love us as your friends, as your fellow schoolmates :)
thankyouu ;)

btw btw btw .
To begin with, I want to let you all know.
I am so lazy. not hardworking at all. and I loveeee to sleep. somebody even calls me a pig '(oo)'
I hate history, no lah, more like dislike. I usually sleep during history class, or play around, or chat. anything, never really pay attention.

buttttt .not butt. BUT.
TODAY. I paid attention and even understood whatever thing Mr.Wee taught. YAY YAY YAYYYIE~
I feel so happy, so awesome, so ready for exams. LOL . no lah, I take that back, Im so not ready for exams~

but still. I felt great :D THANKYOU LORD :DDD

oh , I'll have to abandon my twitter for a few more days.
stupid ICT assignment :(
but no, I wont abandon my dear blog ;)
hahah :D

oh and ANSON . you and your winks. *sigh*
hahahha you fail. fail. fail.

heard me? FAIL. lol .MUAHAHHAHHA
yes, Im so evil. I know. thankiuuuuuh :pp