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Studying isnt fun. So I decided to ditch my history book for a while to date my blog ♥
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 @ 6:11 pm
Remember my post last week, saying how awesome I felt when I could concentrate in history class?
today I couldnt :( well, at the beginning can lah. but towards the end, no. wondering why?
cause I got one awesome friend that I couldnt resist not to talk to .HAHHAH. yeah, hey there Anson ;) oh, and btw you should blog more, like seriously. so long didnt blog edi. *pouts. lol .

So, yeah, he's a very good listener, scratch that. he's an awesome listener :) I could tell him everything and really trust him.

Okay, back to history period. I was carried away with my conversation with Anson, so didnt really pay attention. sighs. I really suck at history, what more to say I rarely pay attention in class. RAWR , wonder what will I get for my final exam. guess I should study more :O which is boring. not fun at all. no life. sighs

Anyways, I was pretty sad just now. My brother was insulted. well, insulted isnt the exact word lah. It's like somebody talked bad about him, and the reason wasnt a big deal actually. The insulter said that my bro isnt responsible and stuffs, and he/she has changed the way he/she looks at my bro. duhhhhh .felt so sad. I know that he is actually responsible, dependable as well.
Well, it might well be that we argue a lot, sometimes over trivial matters, but we both know that we 'sayang' one another. lol. and I know that I can actually make him my role model. so I just feel sad when someone insults him, what more to say the insulter did it right in front of my face. =.=
oh wells, let's just hope that he/she was just carried away by his/her emotions and this will not result in hatred :)