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Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Im very emotional and changeable. I may be strange, but that's me. So, live with it, alright?

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Definitely not my level
Tuesday, 8 November 2011 @ 9:28 pm
(not being pera, okay)

Most people commend me for what I get, for what I achieve.

It's just today I realised that I am no good.
It's just today I realised that we are of different world, of different level
I've never thought of the possibility that you weren't even serious and I am already left far behind
To think that the gap between us is so huge, I am ashamed..really.

You are above everything I can be, you're what I've always wanted to be
To be someone carefree, but responsible when needed.

I am lazy
I can never catch up to you
should I just give up, knowing that you're far above me?

or will you wait for me to climb up?