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Tuesday, 8 November 2011 @ 12:15 am
What is love? I believe that there is no perfect definition for love. Each one of us define love differently, we define it as how we see it, as how we feel it.

To me, love isn't a big thing, it's a million little things, a million memories.
To me;
Love is when I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach whenever you're nearby

Love is when my eyes scan the room every now and then just to look at you

Love is when I spend my allowance to buy credits to text you

Love is when I spend more than 15 minutes thinking about how to approach you

Love is when I order things from overseas for your birthday

Love is when you cross my mind at all times

Love is when you can make me think of you even during examinations, thinking whether you could ace the subject

Love is when I lied to my parents when they asked me who I was texting with

Love is when your words get stuck in my mind, even if they aren't important

Love is when your voice, your taps, your gaze can make my heart dance

Love is when I hear someone badmouth you and protect your image

Love is when you make me smile when you smile

Love is when I put myself second after you

Love is when I spend hours thinking what clothes to wear, what hairbands to use, how to style my hair everyday

Love is when my heart bleeds when you ignore me

Love is when everything reminds me of you

Love is when I want to change to match you

Love is when I make wishes out of airplanes, stars and lucky charms and hope for our togetherness

Love is when your smile or your greetings can make my day

Love is when I cry when I feel hopeless, but still standing up and reach out to you

Love is when I stalk your facebook like it's my way of life, just to see whether you already have someone, or whether there's a new picture of you

Love is when I gaze at nothing and recall our times together

Love is when I listen to love songs while thinking of you, and picture us in that situation based on the lyrics

Love is when I have this sudden urge to go to places you've been to, to do whatever you've done, to learn whatever you've learnt just to experience the things you've experienced

Love is when I like you for eveything you've done, everything you've said, no matter how stupid it can be

Love is when I take mental pictures of you unconsciously

Love is when I watch my every word, every action when I'm next to you

Love is when my heart bleeds when I see you with other girls

Love is when I ask you trivial things when I could've asked someone else

Love is when I dont know my reasons for loving you. I just do.

Love is when I admire your voice, your dance movements, your lameness, your art works, your naughtiness, your cheeckiness, when everybody else doesnt

Love is when I dig information about you from your friends, my friends, even my own brother, but without acting obvious

Love is when I pretend not to care when I really really do

Love is when I join my friend to tease you with other girl when I secretly dont want to

Love is when one single message from you can make me act like a five-year-old getting a bunch of lollipops

Love is when you're the only one who possesses colour in my black and white life

Love is when I pay attention to whatever you do

Love is when other guys are decent compared to you

Love is when you make me want to participate in events like Valentine's day and others

Love is when I secretly want to be next to you

Love is when my heart feels bigger than my body

Love is when I am overwhelmed with strength, with hopes, with desires

Love is when I hold my breath unconsciously when you pass by

Love is when I watch your back getting smaller and smaller until you disappear

Love is when I smile for no reason upon picturing you

Love is when I look at my phones 10 times a day to check whether there's any message from you

Love is when I buy you credit when you dont have some

Love is when I remember your phone number although I never call you

Love is when I get anxious when I dont think about you

Love is when I felt that unbearable pain when you asked me to avoid you

Love is when I cant erase our memories even when I've deleted our messages

Love is when you drive me insane by avoiding me

Love is when I look at you from the corner of my eye but not admit it

Love is when I carve your name on a bar of soap (in fact I did it just recently)

Love is when I put my facebook chat appear offline to everyone except for you (and my bestfriends)

Love is when I miss you even if I just saw you few minutes ago

Love is when 3 days of holiday feels like a month

Love is when I spend more than 30 minutes writing this post

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. To love someone is to give up a part of yourself and let it be filled by that someone. Love is a beautiful feeling.

Let it be temporary or permanent, you decide.

what lies in your heart exceeds all else.