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Palm Tree
Thursday, 3 November 2011 @ 9:21 pm
PALM TREE, what gets into your minds when you hear the words? beaches? or SANDARA PARK? XD
okay, so I was so bored on.. Sunday, I think, cause the papers on Monday were only English and BM. lol. so, I tried to do the palm tree hair.hahhah .

nah. some pics .

sure you wanna see arh? so embarrassing dammit. hahhaha

keep scrolling, you're almost there .

dont get heart attacks o :p


you deserve a clearer pic. so here you go .

ta dahhh . slanted uh? lol nvm lah, next time make a better one 8-)

HAH. papers were given back,
was kind of disappointed when I got my maths paper back, no improvements :( same mark as 2nd term, so basically didnt reach my target for maths this term. *sighs. aint that bad though, nvm.
anyways, I did pretty badly in English, and it's my lowest English exam mark I ever get since I came to lodge. how disappointing, 8 marks lower than 1st term exam T_____T
when I was actually confident with my workings and answers, these are what I receive. why not as well stop hoping? so it wont be so disappointing next time . right right? :(