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Monday, 7 November 2011 @ 1:22 pm
When I read Shi Qi's post I got reminded of my own parents.
They dont allow me to go to k-box too D; with stupid reasons. They are scared that I'll drink alcoholic drinks and stuffs -.- walao eh. They only sell those to 18 and above lah .and they allow me to go for karaoke in Indo, but not here? whai ??? what's the difference, duh? do they not trust my friends here? they are already familiar with novie devi they all what. rawr.

Then, in Ian's post, he mentioned that Michelle's like a little sister he never had. that reminded me of G. (lol.almost everything make me think of G.) There was a time when he disturbed me by calling me 'bro'. then he said, ''you're like a brother I never had" *sighs
I miss those times :')