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Thursday, 8 December 2011 @ 6:11 pm
Yes, it was my birthday yesterday. didnt do much. you know, typical birthday. pfft. hanging out, lazing around and logging on facebook.

Got birthday wishes and messages from facebook :) was really touched by some actions done by some certain people :D you know, you dont have to send the birthday wish on 12:00 am zhun zhun, you dont have to, really. But if you did, ohmai, really appreciate that :) you reading? hey, Sean Octavianus XD

to those who sent me birthday wishes, THANKIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :) love you all, really :)
to those who didnt, its okay :D I dont expect my birthday to be remembered by lots of people XD

here are some of my favourite birthday wishes from facebook :) (if you want to read the words, click on the pics to zoom in and view them in better quality :D)

 err, he called me ah ma(grandma) so I called him ah kong(grandpa) so yeah :D

a birthday wish from my cousin all the way from UK :D he's a funny person wherever he is :)

 Brenda :) she sent this on exactly 12:00 am. aww, my jie jie ;)

I miss youu cherrrrrrr >< and your daughter too :) FYI. Stella means star in Latin. nice name uh? :)

 SEAN :D he sent this on exactly 12:00 am too XD and he sent 2 wishes eh. one thru fb, one thru phone message. awwieeeee :')

 Yes, as stated, from my beloved awesome monster XD she actually didnt deny that she's a monster :D I have missed youuu, dear :)

lucky you only put 2 x(s) XD if you put 3, I wonder how the others will react. muahhahah. thankie so much, love :)

from my other mommy in China :D and I didnt know they can use facebook there eh. lol.

from my brother's beloved husband XD I heard they divorced, but not sure about reality. pfft XD oh, fyi, the mother he stated up there is our Korean teacher in Lodge, Ms.Gina or Kim Seon Yi ;D

okay. those who arent my friend in facebook, feel free to add me XD but send a private message stating who you are, you know, I might not know you and reject your friend request XD
anyways, find me here :)