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Lombok part 1
Monday, 12 December 2011 @ 9:42 pm
Im sorry for not blogging these few days ><
sorry :o
cant forgive me? er....
sorry sorry sorry sorry~ *dancing to Super Junior's sorry sorry.


forgiven me yet? XD
anywayyyys .
Went to Surabaya and Lombok . We visited Gunung Kawi(Mt.Kawi) on the first day. It was sort of like a sacred place.
It was said that lots of people became successful after they visited Mt.Kawi and asked for it.
The owner of one successful cigarette-making company named Bentoel visited Mt.Kawi long time ago.
That time, he was troubled in choosing brand name for his cigarretes. after going to Mt.Kawi, he had a dream. In it, he saw 'bentoel' and used it as his brand. and now, look at how successful he is :O

The next day, we traveled to Lombok, and went to Gili Trawangan. Gili means island. So it basically means Trawangan Island.

In Lombok Island, waiting for the boat to Gili Trawangan
 on the boat!
mom and bro :)
lil bro :)
reached Gili Trawangan!
vehicles like cars and motorbikes arent allowed on the island. so we used cidomo :D which is pulled by a horse. neh, see for yourselves :D other way to move around the island is by using bicycles. or on foot. lol
PONYTAIL. IKR. random -.-

We then went to the hotel. oh yeah, the purpose of this trip is actually to pay a visit to the hotel. pfft. cause it's owned by my uncle :D so.... FREE ACCOMMODATION oh wheee :D for 2 nights! 2 cottages! breakfasts, lunches and dinners are already provided!! additional food and beverage too. oh mai. will thank him when I see him :) OH. btw the hotel is called Villa Queen. a 5-star hotel. again, OH WHEEE :D

and the hotel wasnt open for public yet, so we were like the only ones who stayed there XDD treated like Queens too ey :) heaven <3

the.. err.. toilet. hehe
yes, still in the bathroom :p
the room :D
coffee beans for aromatherapy! loved it :)
had lunch :D
mom waiting for food. lol
soto betawi, oh nomnomnom :dd
loveeeee the beach :DDD
hahah cows :D

oh. The next day, my family and I decided to go around the island. My 2 brothers rented bicycle (not rented actually..cause the hotel didnt charge the fees! woah. whai eh whai my uncle so kind one? <3)
anyways, my parents and I went on foot. lol. we walked for like 1.5 hours and we only made it halfway. couldnt standing the heat and tiredness, we went back to hotel by using cidomo, therefore making a full circle around the island :D 

after reaching the hotel, we sat down at the bar and ordered drinks. (again, for free! woah lao eh.)

I guess that's all for today. gonna post the part2 tomorrow, readers! keep stalking reading!