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Lombok part 2
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 @ 8:32 pm
okay. continuation of this post :)

After traveling around the island, we rested for like 2 hours. err, supposed to be resting, but me n my bros ended up watching some random cartoons on tv :D
Then we rented a bottom glass boat, and went to Gili Meno and Gili Air (Meno island and Air island)
wanted to do some snorkeling too, but had no time :( oh well, in my next visit then :D

The view from the glass bottom boat. not in good quality, sorrieh. taken by phone :o

I didnt edit the next two pics. I SWEAR . and I love the lightinggggg :D

WHY OH WHY am I so fat? :(
clipped all my fringe cause I didnt want it to bother me, I already knew how strong the wind could be -.-
sunset :D the view in front of the hotel :)
a random shoot of the moon? was kind of bored, and it was a day after full moon :D
so the moon was still bright and pretty.

then we all went into our rooms, and slept, and the next day, went back to Lombok island and to Surabaya.
Then My mom, lil bro and I went back to Balikpapan, and my older bro with my dad went to Banjarmasin, for I dont know what.
so now, Im kind of lonely .___. HAI INTERNET LIFE. OH WHAI I GOT NO LIFE ONE ? URGH -.-