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Work .
Monday, 5 December 2011 @ 11:30 am
This long holidays bore me.

I do absolutely nothing here in Indonesia -.-
so when my mom asked me to help her in her office, well, of course I agreed.
Not only it helps kill the time, my mom finishes her work earlier than usual too, which means we can go shopping more often :DD WHEE. yeah that's my intention. hohoho. But I also wanted to reduce her work too, since I know how much things she had to do.

Now that it's a beginning of a new month,
there are so much work T___T
I helped her in her office for like 2 hours already and there are still hell lot of work. rawr. so exhausted now. had no idea working for only 2 hours make me want to continue last night's sleep. lol. ugh.
gonna blog later, bye :(