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Chinese New Year!!
Friday, 20 January 2012 @ 9:11 pm
Holiday starts tomorrow!
oh wait...I can say that it has already started.
anywayssss .

Im so excited to meet up with my cousins and other relatives :D one of my fav cous will be staying over at my place for a week. WHEEEEEEEEEE . feel the love!
But unfortunately, my other cous wont be celebrating it with us :( well, now that she's married, she needs to spend time with the hubby, eh? I wanna meet her ><

I've got a feeling that this holiday wont be a relaxing one .
Why did the teachers give us homework??? and many upcoming tests!! :'(
whai oh whai?
did all the teachers gang up against the students? lol .

anyways, I'll be going back to Indonesia, so if I dont do the work, well, I have my own reasons ;)

OH. HAPPY EARLY CHINESE NEW YEAR to those who celebrate!
have a prosperous and ANGPAO-FUL Chinese New Year, everyone!
(yes, I underlined the most important part♥♥♥ )