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The return of the vain me
Saturday, 21 January 2012 @ 8:22 pm
As soon as the holidays come, the vain Nia took over. If I go out with tees and shorts in Kuching, now heavy earrings, bangLes, rings and heels are all ready to be worn. Eyeliner being put on daily.
It has been like this, and I aint sure why. The way I dress up in Kuching and in Indonesia is always different. It just feels weird if I dress up this way in Kuching.. maybe because most of my female friends are so loyal to their tees and shorts :D well, comfy, I know. sometimes I wanna add accessories, but it just feels awkward! Yr 10 girls, please start wearing accessories liaoo~ :))

In indonesia, I no longer look 15 .___.
I am often mistaken as a university student, sometimes even a graduate! not always a bad thing though ;)

anyways, how do you all think I should dress up in Kuching? with or without accessories? OMJI. it's just awkward..somehow. lalalalalala.

OH. I actually wanna go on diet..now.. but, I have just reached my hometown, and my dad asked me to get ready. I asked why, and he said we were to attend a dinner, it's my father's business partner's mother's birthday :D LOL . anddd. they serve lobster here, scallob too!! ...... GOING ON DIET.....FAILED.