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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 @ 5:52 pm
My legs felt like.. jelly!
couldnt really stand straight T____T

Chinese New Year assembly didnt go so well. (the students were so loud! so noisy! even Mr.Chang needed to scold some of them! whai oh whai.)

We started decorating the hall yesterday, and we actually finished, but, earlier this morning we found out that about half of the decorations were destroyed!! :/

advantage: we prefects could skip our lessons for 30 mins.
disadvantages: assignments to be done as homework, super short break time.

After fixing the decorations, we did our assigned duties,
as for me, I moved the benches into the hall, then ushered the students, and patrolled.
Patrolling wasnt like usual, for normal assemblies, it would have only taken about 15 minutes?
Just now, patrolling was to be done during the whole assembly :O
I didnt sit at all for like one and a half hour? :/


then we took off the decorations and cleaned up (I didnt help much. I used the time to have some really good sit.)

I didnt think the day could've gone any worse.
but ... UGH. THERE WAS PE .

Did some circuit training, when I thought we were done with it,
Ms. Sharon asked us to do another round T____T

so, yeah, my legs ended up like jelly. nooo energyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .

Im exhausted.

ps: the performances were good! Those little kids were sooooo darling!
pps: no, Im not pedo...
ppps: I want oreo............