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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 @ 11:54 am
These days, I've been mistaken for my mum a lot.
Just now, when I ate my lunch(OH WHAIIIIII are spicy stuffs so addictiveeee? nomnom), my grandfather thought that I was my mum, and when my mum came in to bring fruits, he looked shocked. lol :D

Then just now, just a moment ago,
I was sitting in front of the computer,opening my blog account when my father said, "ping, later you pick Richard from school ya".
I was like, "huh?!"
then my dad looked surprised and said, "eh? Nia hor?" LOLOL :D

do I look like my mum that much?
gotta snap few pictures with her and claim that she's a sister then ;) hohoho .