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Lingga!!!!!!!!! :)
Monday, 23 January 2012 @ 7:56 pm
That's the name of my super sweet and awesome (just like me) cousin!!
Lingga came to my hometown for Chinese New Year. and camwhoring was in our must-do list ;)

okay, basically, Chinese New Year was awesome !
my family is big, I've got lots of cousins and nephews/nieces. when I greet them, I need to think what their names were. I cant remember all, okay! too many .___.
well, just imagine, my dad has 11 siblings, and my mum has 10. lolol!!
okay, that also means...LOTSA ANGPAO. :D

anyways, back to.. camwhoring. pfffttttttt .

You're lucky I'm kind enough to give some teasers :P
I'm gonna post the other pictures when I've traveled back to Kuching, kaysss~

(click on pics for better quality)

Okay, that's all. how was your day? what's your story? SHARE. I DEMAND YOU ALL TO SHARE THEM :))))