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Hi there !

Welcome to Unlike Any Others♥ :)
Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Im very emotional and changeable. I may be strange, but that's me. So, live with it, alright?

I love you all~

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Kuching! :D
Sunday, 1 January 2012 @ 7:49 pm
YAY. reached Kuching this afternoon.

gonna post photos and stories later on yeah :)
am too tired. havent unpacked too. ugh.
I'll update soon, so wait for it!

oh. and... new year resolutions!
have you listed any?
for me, it will be:
- be more hardworking
- be more serious
- but of course. be friendlier too :p
- make the best out of my life. I dont want to regret things I'll be doing
- be healthier! you do know I am diabetic right? I meant, high sugar level and all. yeah. I want to have it under control. want to prevent from getting diabetes before it's way too late :)