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Sichuan Trip (part1)
Monday, 2 January 2012 @ 1:41 pm
Day 1 (23 December 2011)

The trip started on 24th actually. On 23rd, my family and I went to KL first.
There, I saw a guy in red shirt with a big X printed on it.
I kept glancing at him, and at times I saw him looking at me too.
I smiled and he smiled back.
For some reason, I couldnt resist glancing back.
It was like as if I knew him, as if he's someone I've known for so long.
Then we parted. He went to get some food while my family and I went straight to hotel.

Then it hit me.

that Woo Young from 2PM!! like seriously!!

why didnt I realise it earlier? what if he was really woo young?
he didnt bring any luggage, only one sling back.
what if he was really woo young, and his luggage was brought by his manager or something? *getting all imaginative
I meant, he was travelling alone, with no luggage?

what if? what iffffffffffffff?

anyways, pictures taken that day:

me and my lil bro, Richard


Day 2 (24 December 2011)

Flew from KL to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province.
(I just knew that like..few days before my trip?HAHHAH. I lack general knowledge)
There, we met our tour guide named Alan. His chinese name was.. Tian something something? couldnt remember :P
Alan said, Chengdu was a foggy city, because it is surrounded by mountains, so in a year, there are approximately 100 sunny days. only.
And that day, it was sunny. He said we were lucky to be able to enjoy the sun. I was like, I dont like the sunshine :O I didnt put my sunblock on, I thought it would be cold T__T
OH. Chengdu is also famous for its Giant Panda and Face Changing opera. I'll write about them later.

Anyways, the tour guide spoke in 2 languages, since some people only understand English, while some only understand Chinese. poor him. hahhah.
But somehow he talked more in Chinese leh.
He spoke mandarin for like 10 minutes, and when he translated what he said to English, it didnt even take 5 minutes! I was like. What?Is that all?

Why I no understand Chinese? grumble grumble grumble.

When I looked outside the window, I saw one HUGE Louis Vuitton shop. It turned out to be the main street of Chengdu, filled with big brand retail shops.

in the bus~

the store I mentioned

main road of Chengdu

OH. then I saw a shop named *puts G's real name* painting. and I suddenly thought of him. ugh. Havent I got over him already? dont think so, eh?

and I bought a pair of winter boots. FURRY. I love furry stuffs!

in the hotel, with Richard

outfit of the day. :D plus my furry white coat